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ey there! People I will tell you I was sooo not ready for this past weekend. We got fall alright…fall[ing] temperatures that is! lol Poor little kids that will be trick or treating in this crazy cold! One could even hand popsicles without worries! I am glad I had taken my faithful wool coat for a brush up! I will say the weather was just right stay in and work on projects Smile.

Today I would love to share with you a project that I made using Gilli Classy! AHA! you thought it was a different one! lol Trust me when I say Gilli is from crafter to crafter! I like t get a lot for my monies! So Gilli is made with super high quality deep etch rubber and you can use the image for whatever you like! The whole collection is so worth it Smile. Crafters’s word!

Okay I will share with you what I did to get this adorable 1920’s look. I inked my Gilli Classy and then very Gilli Classy_20sLovecarefully removed the ink from the collar and the mid section of her cardigan. I added a little neck line, simple line (you can totally do it) and then extended the neck. Next I added another little line to create the sash. You can stop here and the dress would be fine..I just added  little of the sash to create a little charm line lol. Using my multiliners I added little circles (with tiny line in between) to create a long string pearl necklace (very 20’s). Note the  little knot bow to Gilli shoes…well I wanted her to have a real feminine look. Next in line the hat. On the sides on the hat, pull a line down going down and behind the head. We are just adding a little floppy look to the hat : ). If you want to be fancy add a little extra line to the hat cap and create a little belt Smile. Now the peak a boo hairs (is that how we call it? lol)….that I am sure you can nail…just make a little curl with your pen! Ta- Dah! A new wardrobe for your Gilli…perfect Halloween costume! Well a non scary one!

Anyway I had a ball making this project. I got to add accessories, like the pearl necklace with tiny real pearls made with liquid pearls and I also picked a couple crystal rhinestones to give that extra luxurious feel of the 20’s. Not forgetting the stockings and white gloves.  Just  how I imagine the character from this book wGilli Classy_20sLove ae are reading over BookEndz would dress. Our October book is "Mercy of Thin Air" by Ronlyn Domingue. My bff Suzanne has this super cool book club where you read and craft about it! Yes, Suzanne has a prize to the winner! We have a ball discussing the book in a chat. You still have time to join in…if you love to read and craft this is the place!

I am so glad with this project, not only because I got to show you how you can transform your Gilli but  I had a chance to put the scraps of my amazing Authentique paper to a good use! Oh!  If you have some scraps around join us over The greeting card challenge over TheOutlawz! The new challenge is all about recycling!

I hope you enjoyed the transformation! Cannot wait to see yours! See you soon with a brand new  project!



♥♥♥A bit bit more…

House of Gilli Challenge is going on! Recycle plus texture is the theme! Easy….easy!

Class 5 with Suzanne J. Dean is coming soon! Oh the topics are just fantastic! Pre enroll here!

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