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Mica Lantern by anaRy lit 

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oday I will be sharing with you a little project I had a wonderful time preparing.  I have shared with your my love for lights. Lights can say so much…can express moods so easily. Lights can tell you a story in one little glimpse. It is magical…some lights dance or guide, some cry and others celebrate.  Today I choose to celebrate a gift…your friendship.

I had this project in mind for a little while since I came acrossMica Lantern by anaRy this lovely Mica paper over Paper Temptress store. So I got this lovely golden mica paper that has a lovely metallic sheen and a perfect opacity to make a lantern. The next step was easy, picked super cute shape box from the Silhouette library and cut the paper. Assembly the little box is super easy since the cut pattern has some guides. After assembly the box I added a battery operated flicker candle (Please do not use this with real candles, for sure a fire hazard).

Mica Lantern by anaRy lightThe little lantern was already looking so cute just like so, but since we are talking celebration here I added little bow made with a  gorgeous red velvet ribbon also from PaperTemptress. For a little extra charm a three tiny jingle bells (from SU) and a little paper vine colored with copics (silhouette library die cut). Here you can see how this mica paper has a super nice color (by the way you can find other colors over PT too).

I can see this little project being adapted to all kinds of celebration..don’t you think? Oh, and Mica Lantern by anaRy CUeven if you don’t have a fency shmensy machine to make intricate cuts for you. You can trace a simple pattern and cut with a craft knife, the results and the glow would be just the same! No good hand coordination? Pull your circle punch…a lovely polka dot pattern would be cute too! Let it glow!

Thank you for dropping by! I will be seeing you soon with another brand new project. Till then lots of light your way!



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