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ey there! Ready for a brand new week? Let’s roll! Hopefully everything will go according with that pretty calendar/command sheet you have for your family lol. Oh geesh don’t we all know it never goes that smooth, hehe. But I am sure you will tackle the tasks like a pro and you will have some time to have a little fun in your craft paradise….You got to refill your energies at some point ; )

Since I am trying to be good and work as schedule, although you would not think this way if you see the pile of clothes I have to fold. LOL. I did make a project honoring that special woman in your life…the one that put the “mom” cap. Your sister, your aunt, a old family friend…your best friend or single dad’s too!. They all have the same wish….whatever is best for you  : )

My idea was to create a little note plus a forever bouquet of flowers. So first I got a few pieces of ribbon I had from PaperTemptress and twirled and twisted to make into blossom shapes. Next I gathered all the little flowers together. Since I wanted a fell of bouquet I created a little lace wrap from a punched piece (Martha Stewart). I added tiny  pearls and beads to the bouquet to make it a little more adorned. BlueBouquet_anaRy

For the base of the card I went for a classic feel to it. Nothing better then a damask dry embossing to create a delicate pattern. I really like the idea of adding a little lace touch to the card itself, so I added this punched doily strip glittered with glamour dust. To frame and tie the project together I used a gorgeous blue pearl paper from PaperTemptress. The sheen of this paper is so amazing…it has a lovely, lovely feel to it. I am going to try embossing sometime…gosh it think that would be lovely paper to do that..

So time to think of that special person..get out of the box a little bit and try something differ..a color, patter,…one thing always will stay the same. The gratitude and love for your loved one!

I make the point of thanking both my parents for all they did…and what they had to deal with while I was growing up : )..hehe We all have been teens at some point HAHAHHAHAH. So I am going to wish my amazing mom “ Happy Mother’s day”….before your air headed daughter forgets…lol. Dad you card will come soon…another project to share with you all : ).



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Tami G said...

this is beautiful.. I love the colors against the white...

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