Magnolia works :: My boo boo

Hey you all!
I am not MIA I promise...as you can see in the pic I got a boo boo! Yeap, my wrist is killing me! It is either old age or too much coloring (or typing to you all on the "puter") lol. I just don't want you all to think I drop of the earth! I am trying to keep my hand of a harsh position and you guys know "puter" is a killer for wrists!
I am will be working a new magnolia project! So come back a little later..I will see you then!
 Xo, anaRy


Handmade by Vivi said...

ohhh... I thought was weird you are so quite!
now I got it!!!!!!!! rsrs
bjs and take care!!!

Marlene said...

Ouch....take it easy there, girly!

Sheri said...

Oh noooooo Anary! I hope you're OK! What the heck happened cupcake?

Anary said...

Thanks Ladies!!!XOXO

Patricia Garcia said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist, hope you feel better, I really want to see the awesome cards you make!!


Sonia said...

I understand how you feel because in April I have a little accident when I suppose go to take a shower... I broken my little finger. Very sad... Actually after that I cann't close my right hand but may be i take physical therapy, now i take some medication for the pain.

Love your blog, beautiful creations.


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