Bildmalarna Stamp: A red white & blue day!

When I hear the phrase “ America the beautiful” something always happens to my brain…I have  little flashes of a beautiful history I love to learn and I am proud to know more and more. The whole foundation of USA is just amazing. I am not going to lecture you about history (yes I am a History buff and my mission this summer is to go to Arlington, VA.) but every single moment in USA history speaks a million. Lessons learned, new ways created by and for a unique culture. A loving people eager to help, to share and to celebrate freedom.

Of course there is always those curious things about a nation…like my shock to eat hot dogs and beans! Whoa! I though…gosh the side effects. No wonder baseball games are always an explosion! lol! Kidding, well biologically speaking…not really : ). That is where my inspiration come from…a tribute to a delicacy that America gave to the world…The hot dog! I twinkle a little bit the mimosa baker stamp and transformed her roller pin into a nice giant hot dog! Easy breeze! You can do it too.
So for this 4 th of july celebrate the freedom, the people and the heroes that build this nation! Remember the ones that gave their lifes, the ones who volunteers, the ones still fighting and working to keep the old ideals live for future generations to come! Happy 4th USA. Happy 4TH!
Hey come and join us for this Red, white and blue celebration at Bildmalarna stamp blog challenge!
See ya! GO USA!!!!! World Soccer Cup in South Africa!


ThePurplePlace said...

I LOVE this card and bless your heart for making such wonderful USA card! I was over at Marti's and saw this wonderful card go by on the slide show....I had to search for it and find out who created it and much to my surprise it was YOU!! WOOHOO! My dear friend ANARY is the creator of this wonderful card.

I absolutely am so amazed at the amount of time and talent you put into this wonderful card. Thank YOU for making us all remember the true meaning of the 4th of July and to also proudly honor our troops!!

This truly touched my heart!


Karen's Fun Blog said...

Your card is so cute!! Great job!!

Mindy (Scrappy and Piggy) said...

This is so super cute!!! I absolutely love the rolling pin hot dog!!! Genius.

Linda S. said...

Very innovative, very sweet card, Anary!! Thanks for reminding the citizens of the USA just how lucky we are to enjoy all our freedoms. Linda S. in NE

Lisa said...

Wowzer Anary! I love this card it is so creative and festive! I agree Go USA! USA! USA!!

Jennifer said...

I love this card! Perfect for the 4th of July!
Jennifer Henrich

A Cards Delight said...

Anary, Every time I come to your blog my jaw drops to the floor! Your ideas are so awesome and this card is no exception. You made a rolling pin into a hot dog!!! No one but you would have the vision to see it! Love ya and sweet USA!

Ellen (aka ScrapStampnMama) said...

Absolutely fantastic, you have such amazing creativity, thanks for sharing such a beautiful card!

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