TGIF!! Rock Snow Star!

It is show time! Holiday season is right at the door step...so as the snow! Say hello to my Rock snow star. I better find a name for her (How about make a comment and drop some suggestions?)! I made this card based on the Friday Sketchers. I am not sure if I will be able to make, but my idea was to make something . Did I  say  I am a rookie? Yeap. I decided to do this card in the last minute while I was sleepless last night...( Now I am ready to hit the sac heheh). I am just loving to experiment with all kinds of goodies I have been collecting thru the past couple months. 

Yes, yes I used my beloved microbeads...they are so cool! Aside from that I also tried for the first time Ranged puff embossing powder...what a neat texture. I like it! But beyond micro beads my new obsession is MARKERS! The more I color the more I want to learn about markers and its techniques...I am in heaven with these pens! I will update the "This & That" later today. So good luck for all of us...TGIF!!!
Update: I just decided to enter the Saturday challenge about Snow!

This & That

Coming later today....

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