The Groovy. The Gorgeous!

Yeah Baby! The groove is the heart! Oh my, I like that so much..I was this tiny big and I had so much fun dancing that. Hey better that some depressing songs that I have been coming across lately. To be quite honest, the music now a days is, lets say eh. Loops and garage band make anyone and everyone a musician...Not quite in my rumble ears opinion. Well..one thing I know. When you are in the groove and want to shake the skeletton a gooood DJ is a must and that my friends I know. I know Paty Rios forever (before she was Rios!)..this gal rocks and makes people dance thru the nite. I bet she did just that this week while celebrating her bday! So her it goes my dear friend...The Groove. The Gorgeous...Happy birthday!

Oh I follow Saturday sketch Saturday design (I am putting my name in the bag)..I thought it was a pretty cute sketch.


annies place said...

Really cute card & I can't believe I'm actually able to comment at last. Love the colours too Ann x

Anary said...

Thank you Ann you are so nice!

Handmade by Vivi said...

What a cutie Anary!! she is gorgeous!! love the sparkle!!

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