Hey I am joining the Paper crafting world!

Hey you all! For the ones that follor my other blog about sewing and my other experiments know that I was away for a little while. I moooved, so all my craft stuff was litterally stuffed in boxes! Yikes...being away from my pins and needles, embroidery, knitting and crochet tools was driving me crazy.
Anywho...I have been unpacking, slowly but surely. In the mean time I started to folow some neat blogs about cardmaking...so you guessed. I hearby now declare myself a newbie cardmaker. Aham..and this is the place to see my newest meshuganeh! YAY!
So come on over, talk, chat, comment, suggest, correct me. I am here to learn from you!
This is going to be goood!!!! Follow me (on the side --->)
Post a note so I can see your blog!
See you all soon!

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